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Choosing the Proper Size Tutu for you.

 Trying to figure out what size tutu to buy can sometimes be a difficult task.
Not everyone one is shaped the same way and a lot of us want to buy our outfits early
but with all these miles of training ahead we may lose weight. I think if I explain how sizing works a bit more in detail it will make your choice much easier.

To start off the basic sizing chart you see in all the listings is not something I made up.

I actually searched many retailers and was able to find out what the standard
U.S measurements were for off the rack clothing.
Meaning if you walked into a GAP store today and bought a size medium yoga pants you will fit into a size medium tutu.

Size Chart

X Small fits size 0 to 2 ( 25 to 28 inches )
Small fits size 4 to 6 ( 29 to 30 inches)
Medium fits size 8 to 10 ( 30 to 34 inches)
Large fits size 12 to 14 ( 34 to 38 inches)
X Large fits size 16 (38 to 41 inches)

2XL Fits sizes 18 to 20 ( 43 to 45 inches)
3XL Fits Sizes 22 to 24 ( 46 to 50 inches)

The waist size inches are included in the chart so that you have a general guideline since not all off the rack retailers are created the same. Such Ambercombie and Fitch, Hollister ect. Also keep in mind if you wear a size 29 in jeans that is NOT your waist size. You would actually need to order a medium.I didn't actually find out about the jean size versus waist size until The 2012 Princess 1/2 Marathon. If you only know you wear a size 27 jeans but are unsure as to what you need to order just contact me and I will be glad to help :)

The tutus are made on elastic and there is some give in the elastic. That is I why I say pick your waist size and they will easily slide onto your hips which is where most people decide to wear the tutu.  When I say give in the elastic I am saying about 3 to 3 1/2 inches past the largest number on the size chart. So if you wear a size medium and it goes up to a 34 waist but your hips are a 37 you have nothing to worry about its going to fit fine. 

What do you do if you measure yourself and your on the cusp of a medium and large?

Stick with a medium! You never want to go up a size in your tutu unless you really need to.

Sometimes as women we say it better for it to be a little to big than too small. That is the wrong thinking when it comes to tutus. Your tutu needs to fit snug in order for it to not move around. If it is too big it will for sure move around and may even begin to slide off. That is the last thing you want happening during a race. 

Can your tutu be sized down if you lose weight? Absolutely! You can either mail it back to be to re-sized or I can email you instruction to re-size it at home with a home sewing kit or machine. You would be surprised at simple re-sizing really is!
What do you do if your waist is a 34 but your hips are a 43? This is not at all uncommon in women. In this case you will need a more custom fit.You are not married to ordering from the standard sizing chart. The best thing to do is pick the size closest to your off the rack store bought size. Then in the 
" Notes to Seller" portion of checkout just add a note that you need a custom fit tutu and include your measurements. Each tutu is made upon ordering so cutting the elastic to fit you is absolutely no problem. 

Selecting the right length for you  

Let me start off by saying a 9 inch tutu is much longer than it sounds. The above photo of the white tutus are all 9 inch tutus. 

 I find the 9 inch tutu to be very practical for running. It does not get in the way or overwhelm me during a race. I have never had it catch on my Garmin or Road ID. It does not generate too much heat. 9 inch tutus are pretty comfortable. They also have a a lot of poof to them and since I never wore tutus as a child it's my time to poof and have fun.



The 12 inch tutu is much more like a skirt and very long as you can see from the photo above. They will still be long no matter if you wear them on your hips or your waist. If you plan on wearing one during the winter your bottom half will be guaranteed warmth. Also of you looking for more rear coverage you will get that from a 12 inch tutu.

Some things to consider before ordering a 12 inch tutu. They will catch on the Velcro of a Road ID. They do tend to fly around a lot and become a little distracting if you have never ran in a tutu before. If you running during the summer they can get a little warm. 12 inch tutus also lose a lot of there poof since they hang more like a skirt. However, you can see from the above photo they don't lose too much poof :)

Length really just depends on what type of look your are going for and your style of running. I often run trying to PR so these days I cut my own tutus between 7 and 8 inches and love them at that length.

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