Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How tough is Race Junkie Tutu?

  I get a lot of questions from customers asking if my tutus are built to last. Will they last the entire distance of 13.1 miles? Can they withstand a little rain? Can you wash them and wear them again?
Will they interfere  with running? Will they limit my ability to move with ease and enjoy myself or will they completely overwhelm me and distract me from the race? These are all legitimate concerns and no matter how many pictures I show of me wearing them at races or write out my own testimonial nothing will ever compare to the testimonial and pictures for long time customer Patty.

  Patty has been a Race Junkie customer since I opened my shop and first came to me to design a tutu to match her Spartan shirt and colors. I remember thinking at the time .." Wow that Spartan looks pretty hard" I had no idea she did so many races and that basically that was all she ever did. You really have to be one tough cookie to dedicate yourself to Spartan. The race she was doing at the time was partially at night, appeared to be underground and in the snow.

  She has taken the tutus through mud, in the water, on a bike over ropes and obstacle courses. One of the things she said to me that really struck me is that she has taken them over obstacle courses and seen people collapse all around her but the tutus made it!

 Patty loves tutus but don't think for one minute she just wears it and then tosses it. Oh no she wears them, washes them and wears them again and again. Each tutu comes with wash and care instructions and and she really makes them last.

She has even converted her friends and family to start wearing them. Let's face it tutus make every event more fun! It's not like you can wear to the office but you sure can to a sporting event so why not? If Patty can crawl in the mud, ride a bike and hang from ropes in a tutu anyone can run a long distance race in one. 

Here is what Patty had to say in her own words...

"I've now wore your tutus swimming, biking, through all sorts of mud, crawling under barb-wire and leaping threw fire and they have all held up incredibly well. I've now converted my sister into a tutu wearer.  Anyway, I am always impressed with out well the tutus make it through races; I've been able to wear the same tutus to multiple races and ones I'm running certainly put the tutus to the test. I also find myself running a little stronger down the trail or putting a little more oomph into an obstacle after every "nice tutu" comment I get."

I would like to thank Patty for sending in her pictures and testimonial. She has been such an awesome customer and so much fun to work with and design for. I live my secret Spartan identity vicariously through her ad someday hope to be as brave as she is.