Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tutu Extras

Did you know that Race Junkie offers many different "extras" you can add to your tutu to customize it? Available at our Etsy shop for any tutu are these great add ons.

Add 30 Battery operated LED lights to your tutu.
This is a really great add on for your tutu that will FOR SURE get you noticed.
These are wonderful for a night run,race,rave or just for fun.


A removable toggle allows you wear your bib on your tutu.
You will never have to get another hole in your shirt from a race bib again. 
Sturdy waterproof plastic that will last through water, mud, bubbles or a serious blast of color.


It is perfect to carry your iPod, Phone or GU during a race.
Add a discreet sewn in pocket to the inside of your tutu.
It closes with a little drawstring to keep your valuables tucked away safely. 

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